Talking to myself

I guess it’s about evolving. But I often end up in situations where I really dislike my photography. I don’t want to be predictable. But at the same time I don’t feel it’s wrong to search for my style (being predictable). But I don’t want people to say “he always shoots square format. And black & white”.

But to be clear about something. I LOVE black & white. I feel colors adds a dimension that sometimes is disturbing. Unless the color/s is part of what I want to capture. Black & white is naked. In a way.

As my latest image for the 366 project. It’s chairs. Cross processed. It feels soooooo liberating! And sometimes I upload pictures that are deliberately out of focus. Because I can….I’m such a beast…

Photography makes my head spin in directions I didn’t think was possible when the bug bit me. That’s why I love photography.

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