Yellow and blue
Yellow and blue


I just finished watching Light Darkness and Colour on TV.

Using Goethe’s Theory of Colors (Zur Farbenlehre) as a point of departure, LIGHT, DARKNESS, AND COLOURS takes us on a fascinating journey through the universe of colors

In the program they showed an experiment about Complementary colors. They light an object with two lights. One with white light and one with a color filter. I used yellow since yellow’s complemantary color is blue which I thought would show better on a white surface. By the way, the only post-processing I made was a -0.6 exposure adjustment in LR3.

The lighting setup above is two speedlights on each side of the candlestick. The speedlight camera left is bare/un-filtered and the speedlight camera right has a yellow filter.

It might be hard to see the colors but with a little imagination you can see that the left shadow is blueish :)

I don’t think this is news for most of you. I have read about it but haven’t really thought about it. So for me it was fun with a quick test.

I noticed this program is also available on YouTube.


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