Portraits of Monica

Had a portrait session with my friend Monica the other day. It was so much fun!
I placed her in front of the lens and kapow! (always wanted a Batman effect in a blog post)…she looks gorgeous. These shots are more or less unedited. Except WB adjustment.

  • Keylight is an Elinchrom D-Lite RX2 in the small portalite (66x66cm) softbox, slightly camera left and above.
  • Rim light is an Elinchrom D-Lite RX2 in the small portalite (66x66cm) softbox, camera right and behind Monica. I had to flag it off a little because I didn’t have a grid. The kit is new and I haven’t been able to buy all the extra stuff :)
  • And a Nikon SB900 (in SU-4 mode) with HonlGrid hitting the white seamless behind her head (in the first two pictures).
  • And finally a silver reflector chest height. It was a clamshell-ish lighting setup but with an ordinary lightstand which restricts how I can position the keylight. A C-stand with a boom is on my wishlist. And a beauty dish. And a stripbox with grid. And an octa. With grid. And a Porsche. Yay!

THANK YOU Monica for being a great model.


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