Sometimes it hits me

I haven’t been doing much ‘serious’ shooting lately. I used to feel bad about not shooting. Like I was letting someone down. That someone could be me. Or..I don’t know :)

But I have come so far in my photographic finding-myself-journey so I know what areas I want to explore. That means I find no interest in running around shooting for the sake of shooting. I find most joy in photographing people. And/or working with portrait ideas in my head. Next step is to actually executing those ideas :)

I’m thinking about photography all the time. I can read blogs, look at photos on Pinterest, listen to podcasts and I get so overwhelmed about how photography makes me feel.

Photography makes me feel so much. Sadness. Happiness. Anger. All those feelings are not unique to photography. You can feel all those feelings by reading a newspaper or a book. But in my case, all those feelings are the result of using ‘my’ tool. The camera. I’m not saying I can shoot pictures that will make you feel something. But at least I have the tool. And that is one helluva start :)

I also bought a cheap stripbox (30cm x 120cm, ~ 12  x 47 inches) the other day. Some friends visisted us yesterday so I could try it out :) I love the light (here with the grid) it sends out. Three shots from that session.

Thomas RThomas R, WhiskyThomas R, The dude

I also listened to episode 52 of the On taking pictures  podcast. It’s a rather long podcast, but early (~13 min 30 sec) into the show Jeffery Saddoris and Bill Wadman discuss how they approach personal projects. I was very inspired by Bill’s approach. It’s more or less ‘Just do it’. I believe fear is a good motivator. Comfort zone etc etc. But for me it’s not the fear of starting something not planned. It’s the fear of not completing something I commited myself doing. Even though I’m quite sure I will do anything  to not let me down :)

Direct link to the blog post at Faded and blurred:
Direct link to the podcast:


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