About creativity

Just read a great blog post titled Why Creative People Sometimes Make No Sense by Matthew Schuler (via Framed Network’s Facebook feed) about creativity.

Why I really enjoyed reading the post above was that I could recognize what goes through my mind when I’m out shooting. I know I have mentioned one of my brain ghosts in my blog’s About section.

But sometimes I feel I’m uncertain about what the pictures says. I mean, I like it. But if you ask me “what is this?” I fear I can’t answer that. And for some reason that scare me

When I just read my About, looking for the quote above, I felt I need to update it. It’s not that I feel uncertain about the picture. I know perfectly well what it (the picture) means. It’s just I’m not sure I can explain it to another person. It’s not that the other person is stupid :) It’s the fear of not reaching that person. The fear of noticing that for everytime I try to explain, the person looks more and more confused :)

I’m not saying I’m the most creative person in the world. I’m not. But for me it was good to know that I can lable my thought process when the person I’m talking to is tilting the head and with a confused facial expression asks me “What?” :)

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