Two old portraits

Found these two old portraits. I can’t say I have forgotten about them, but I certainly have forgotten to upload them here.
“The Pilot” is my youngest daughter. It’s shot about four years ago. It was a FAST PACED shot. She was running around with the swimming goggles. I had a speedlight on a light stand with an umbrella ready. I just told her “Stand here” and shot maybe 3-4 pictures. Then she ran away again. But I love the picture :)


The second shot is from a family portrait job I also did a few years back. It’s a between-shots-shot. The father was fixing his hair and I just pressed the shutter button. It’s not perfect focus-wise. But I love it anyway. The father’s gentle right hand fixing the son’s hair. And the left hand holding his shoulder. A gentle and protective hand.

Father and son
Father and son

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