New camera bag

I haven’t had a proper bag/protection for my new Fujifilm X100T and wanted something that matched the main reason I bought the camera. Size. I’m really picky/vain when it comes to my camera bags. Or….anything for that matter. But this time I was trying to aim for function before looks. Since I’m a Think Tank fan I just bought a Mirrorless Mover 5.


I knew it was borderline manpurse, but I tried to be practical. On my way home from the store I observed the bag on the passenger seat. I started having second thoughts.

When I got home and I showed the bag to my wife she kind of stopped in motion…looked at me….looked at the bag and said: “You bought that? It looks like a manpurse. I thought you were going to buy a fancy leather bag”.

I thought to myself: “Wtf”.

The next day I went back to the store. I already have the Retrospective 20 so I thought why not a smaller version? There is the Retrospective 5 but hesitant to buy something that close to a manpurse I chose the Retrospective 7.



The bag is considerably bigger than the first manpurse, Mirrorless Mover 5, but it can double as my Monday-Friday bag holding the X100T and for example an iPad. I was also considering using my Retrospective 20 as my X100T bag. But it would take me ten minutes to just find the camera in bag :)

So far I’m happy with the bag. It has good dimensions. And it can hold necessities like extra batteries, chewing gum, an umbrella and….well….a few beers :)

If you want more information about the bag, let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “New camera bag

  1. I want a bag that is small (manpurs) that can contain, my canon 7D, a couple of lenses and my Olympus PEN + my iPad, iPhone, keys. It must look smart street wear. In other words it shall not look like a camera bag at all. What do you recommend? ;-)

  2. Hi Tom!
    That sounds like what I used to carry around a few years ago in a Think Tank Retrospective 20.

    That bag is very discreet. But I got some serious problems with my shoulder so my doctor told me I had to start using a backpack instead. “Canon 7D, a couple of lenses and my Olympus PEN + my iPad, iPhone, keys” will be a substantial weight on your shoulder. Don’t damage your shoulder as I did :)

    I know you asked for something manpurse-ish and in that case I would recommend the bag I bought.
    Otherwise, with your shoulders in mind I would recommend a smaller backback. My smallest backback is an Airport Essentials.
    It’s Carry On size which is nice when you fly. Plus it sits very nice on your back.

    When browsing the ThinkTank site I noticed this backpack.

    I have no personal experience about it, but it sounds like something that holds what you want to bring. But it’s larger than a manpurse. Sorry :)

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