My daughter’s Instax Mini 9

I was a little surprised and very happy when my 9 y.o daughter wanted a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 for Christmas.

First, she wanted a camera! YAY. And it’s film! YAY YAY! Now we can be a photography team :)

But seriously. She likes it and I hope she will have much fun with it. But the other day she told me it wasn’t working. So we had a look at it and apparently it stopped working after two slides. I didn’t think it was the batteries but suspected some kind of film jam where the slides were ejected. I knew it wasn’t so good to open the back and remove the film, but I felt I had to. The film cartridge looked ok so I put it back in. I shot a few slides to make sure they were ejected ok, which they were. But the first two slides were damaged.

But the third slide looked like this. Nothing much to do about the subject though. Sorry :)

insta me

This camera is so much fun. The settings are limited to a simple ‘brightness adjustment dial’ with a guide light, sort of. Very easy to use.

Maybe I will buy one for myself as well…

5 thoughts on “My daughter’s Instax Mini 9

    1. It really is fun! :)
      So far she’s more ‘don’t waste slides’ :) But we’ll get out soon and just shoot. And she said she will bring it with her on our summer vacation :) And that’s a good sign.

      1. I can relate to “not wasting” slides and I feel that’s what makes the instax special, making the photos more precious, i hope you share your adventure, I’ll definitely read it

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