Replace the X100T?

Today I watched a Magnum documentary on Swedish television. The pictures shown reminded me of the pictures I love to shoot. When I’m a fly on the wall. Documenting. I can’t do that with my dear X100T. The slow-ish autofocus is not suitable for that kind of photography. At least it’s too slow for me.

I have had the Fujifilm X100T for about 2.5 years. It replaced my old, trusty Nikon D700 as primary camera when I decided I wanted  a smaller camera. The X100T has served me well. But it struck me today that I miss my D700. Or, more accurately, I miss the faster autofocus and longer lenses. I’m not sure I want to carry around my Nikon again since it’s a bit heavy and bulky. And it still draws too much attention when I carry it. The X100T is awesome in that area. Totally stealthy.

I still use the Nikon though but only when I shoot ‘for real’. Like portraits in a studio setting.
Maybe the next step is a Fujifilm X-T2? What do you think?


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