1 portrait a week

This is the start page for my One portrait a week project. I started this project to challenge myself. And because I love shooting portraits.

Why one portrait a week? Why not one a day?
Well, I need the project to fit into my life. One portrait a week is exciting enough for me. I feel the pressure already :)

I have written down some rules to explain the context of this project.

The Rules. V1.0. April 5th 2014

  • The subject has to be a person. Not necessarily the face.
  • The tool can be whatever photo capturing device I choose. A DSLR, my iPhone, an SLR, a TLR, a pinhole camera etc etc. I think you get it.
  • It doesn’t need to be a studio shoot.
  • The portrait can have more than one subject.
  • The picture must have a clear subject. Not “a bunch of people on a street”. That is street photography. The person can, though, be standing on/in a street.
  • The portrait published has to be shot within the week in question. No old portraits are allowed. The portrait can, though, be published on another week. If I’m offline the current week.

The Goals

  • Exercise the portrait craft.
  • Exercise my interaction with the model/-s.
  • Get better at lighting.
  • Have fun!

Here we go!

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